In order to carry out the great ‘The Beit and Road’trategy.China is upgrading its industrieg,pushing forwardand reforming of‘mixed ownership'. implementing top leader's instructions. of EXPO Shanghai in 2010 assels.under the support from the People's Daily, the State Administration forIndustry and Commerce and Shanghai Municipal People's government. CCUI was established jointly by a plethora of local state-owned enterprises and domestic private-owned enterprises,such as CRRC,Shanghal Lingang Group,Shanghai NewWorid Group, Guizhou Zhongyun Company,Jiangsu Bosideng Group,and taking China corporate. pavilion in Milan EXPO 2015 as core business initiation.


CCUI has strategically estabished an office in ltaly, and jointly cooperated. with the momentous leading investment enterprises in the United States,The U.K, Japan, Czech and other countries to form a strategic linkage. Under such circumstance, CCUI is allowed to offer its full potentialin amultitude way,for instance, resource ntegration.comprehensive operation through innovative investment ideas, business models.combination offinancial and industrial means,serving growing enterprises and promoting industriat upgrading and economic transtormation.


CCUIS proritised preferences are approvingly in relevance to industrial promotion and serving of the people'slvelihaod, the way to dosois oprocess implementation of industrial investment fund through multi-level and closed-loop linkage, fulfilling a model which includes 'investmentbank + investmentlisted company'. CCUl's strategies can not only provide equity shares. debts,mezzanine finance, and many other related capital tools for enterprises, It can also render domestic and cross-border merger and acquisition. split, listing, diversification, and full range of financial and industrial service for them as well.