CCUI commits to follow the national strategy ‘The Belt and Road’, and also with the resources it has exploited in Milan EXPO 2015, CCUI is allowed to expand investment in Europe, it aims to aid the international layout of our shareholders, and seeks for more support from the government and quality projects. CCUI (Euro) was established and based in Rome in early 2017, after full deliberation, it plans to fully use the brands and resources in China-Italy foundation, in doing so it can deepen Sino-Italian public diplomacy platform, and there is a chance where CCUI and its shareholders are able to seek for strategic positioning of international investment banks. Furthermore, numerous of opportunities could be sought from the government, uncover more worthy-investing projects, gathering and expanding international resources, in another word, CCUI could gradually reach its full potential by being under these circumstances.


Introduction of Sino-Italy foundation:

The existence of Sino-Italy foundation has ameliorated two time-honoured Italian organisations, the Italy-China research institute (established in 1971) and the Italy-China chamber of commerce (established in 1970). Sino-Italy foundation was founded in November 11th 2003 in Milan, its main purpose is to inaugurate Sino-Italy government relationship through the support and cooperation between enterprises, promoting enormous exchange fields between two countries, for instance, Politics, economy, culture, education, health, and other major fields in relevance. Additionally, it is also possible to outstrip the image and impression of Italy in China, reinventing the economic and strategic position of Italy in China.


In the late 1970s, the Italy-China research institute and the Italy-China chamber of commerce have built up a strong tie for both countries respectively. The foundation’s services are reflected in the Italian ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of economic development, ministry of infrastructure department, board of directors, and other vital institutions. In the beginning of the foundation, there is a multitude of institutes and prestigious entrepreneurs have manifested impenetrable support, such as, ministry of foreign affairs of Italy, department of production, ministry of education, ministry of culture, regional government, and industrial association and a number of large enterprises, these important members and some financial organisations are also the founder of the foundation. Unarguably, the close ties between the government and paramount enterprises have play a magnificent role in Sino-Italy projects, it will also bring extra advantage when it comes to execution.