Jiangsu Youyi International Logistics Co, Ltd is a joint venture company which is owned by CEFC and Xuzhou mining group. It is located in Xuzhou city of Jiangsu Province, mainly engaged in energy, industrial new town construction, commodity trade, real estate development, financial services ard other services (CEFC is the controlling shareholder).

CEFC is a collective private-owned enterprise, the company itself does energy and finance as major business, and it also own 3 management group companies, 15 tier-one investment platform companies and A shared listed companies. Moreover, CEFC has participated in great quantities of overseas listed enterprises, and its goal is to push international production capacity cooperation, by expanding international energy and economic cooperation, developing financial licenses, international investment banks, and investment strategy. In 2017, CEFC consecutively won world’s top 500, and world’s top 500 brands in fortune magazine, and was also awarded as ‘China’s most influential enterprises’ and ‘China’s top 10 the most internationally competitive enterprise’.


Xuzhou Mining Group has 132 years of coal mining history, it was the first batch of large enterprises approved by the six ministries and commissions of the state. In 1998, the group was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, and was also reconstructed as a solely state-owned company. As the development progresses, it has now become the only state-owned outsize energy industrial enterprise directly under Jiangsu Province, the basement of national coal emergency reserve, and one of the 500 largest enterprise groups in China. The whole group now has 20 branches, 44 wholly-owned (holding) subsidiaries, subsidiaries and 5 juridical entity institutions. The group not only has nearly 60 thousand employees, with a total asset of 45 billion yuan, it has also been wining many titles, for instance, ‘national labour award’, ‘national coal industry technology innovation advanced unit’, ‘national coal mine safety quality standardisation company’, ‘model unit for the construction of spiritual civilisation’, ‘civilised united of Jiangsu province’, ‘Innovative pilot enterprise in Jiangsu province’ and many other titles.


The company was formally established on Feb 27th, 2017. The initial registered capital is 100 million RMB, and it will later accumulate to 73.2 billion RMB as the investment plan. Its purpose is to follow the national strategy ‘the Belt and Road’, building the word-class integrated logistics industrial town, and also followed by the strategic planning that has been developed by the Xuzhou project, which is ‘One centre, two cities, three parks, four towns’.