China Corporate United Investment Shanghai Procurement Co., Ltd is an independently-operating trade and service company jointly founded by Huaxin Assets Management Co., Ltd., China Corporate United Investment Holding Co., Ltd., and Mingyu Fund, which is mainly engaged in purchasing.

The scope of business mainly includes the procurement of administrative materials, services and engineering, such as,
1. Administrative: office supplies, office furniture, administrative gifts, etc;
2. Services: hotels, conference and exhibition, brand promotion, etc;
3. Engineering: engineering raw materials, design, equipment, etc.


The company follows the overall work principle of "step by step", and "filling the blank". The initial focus is on the integration of the existing supplier channels, and the gradual optimization. In the later phase, the focus will be on the research of the customer relationship management system (CRM), and suppliers, products and price systems will be gradually established; procurement reports will be generated for large data analysis. At the same time, a centralized procurement platform is planned to be established; other tasks include unifying the procurement standards , improving procurement efficiency, reducing procurement costs and risks, and improving after-sales service quality.