General aviation refers to the use of civil aircraft for civil aviation activities other than public air transport, including operation flight in industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and construction, as well as aviation activities in medical and health services, emergency and disaster relief, meteorological observation, marine monitoring, scientific experiments, training, cultural and sports activities. General aviation has a wide range of applications and has great strategic significance.


China has actively promoted the development of the navigation industry, and the industry is ready to be issued.


Mars (Shanghai) Information and Technology Co., Ltd is a limited liability entity established by CCUI and CRRC Capital Holding Co., Ltd. It aims to cooperate with CCUI to invest in high-end equipment fund and purchase Alpi Aviation S.r.l. and related industries as an investment.


As the first case of Chinese enterprises acquiring European aviation high-tech manufacturing company, in June 2017, during the China-Italy Economic and Trade Forum, with the witness of Han Zheng, member of the Central Political Bureau and Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, the purchase agreement was successfully signed. The stake acquisition of ALPI has already be completed. CCUI will commit to expanding international markets and the domestic landing of ALPI.