As the development of cultural industry, CCUI shows active participation, and prepares the establishment of CCUI Culture Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Using independent development or investment cooperation mode, the culture company mainly engage in cultural projects (including television, performance, etc.) planning, development, operation and management.


Start-up and proposed business includes:


1.The Business Management Company, which is a joint venture between CCUI and Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Investment Development Co., Ltd, focuses on brand sponsorship investment attraction and market development. It gains profit in a certain proportion according to the amount of brand sponsorship achieved. Up to May 2018, the sponsorship fee has reached 960 Million, including VIK of plane services, food, exhibition technical services, and plane tickets.


2.The company introduces the external team and its core businesses, such as Rongyin Comic and its Internet drama projects, etc.


3.CCUI and its related entities have led or participated in the undertaking, hosting and introducing of various cultural projects, such as China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair, China International Fair For Investment & Trade, as well as other cultural forums, investment forums, Sino-foreign economic and trade cooperation, etc.


4. The development, planning and landing of cultural elements as well as the introduction and implementation of creative cultural projects, such as characteristic cultural town, artisan boutique hotel, cultural tourism festival, cultural trade and exhibition platform of‘The Belt and Road’.


CCUI actively participates in various activities organized by overseas and domestic countries and regions, shapes the corporate image and promotes the brand value of the company.