In terms of investment philosophy innovation, CCu ill select and perform close-oop investment into key industry sectors that are crucal to nation's industrialupgrade and peoples well-beig , through muli-fer fund structure.CCUl aims to bring financial thoughts and ools into business operations in order to supportand facilitate the development of those industries. n ferms of business model inovation,CCUlIwill cary out the"investment+"model to build a sustainableinvestment management plaform, which offers presciptive financial advisoy services to enterprises including but not limied to domesticlcross-border M&As.divestitures and onshoreloftshore IPOs,in addtion to providing varieties of capital solutions such as detbt, equity, mezzanine that covers the entire capitalstructure. In terms of the means of fnancial-indutial integration, CCcul il leverage cross-region, cross-sector, cross-platfom and cross-system resource.faclitate the integration through direct investment, business network build -up, culture exhibition, online services and other muili-fld and multi-tier methods.


Marching forward, CCUlwill devte iself to build a corporate culture defined by high aspiration, foward-thinking approach, down-to-earth attitude and indomitable sprt..ith the support from government and peers of industie all around the world,CuUl ill ide the tide of comprehensive reform, closely relyon all shareholders, make the most out of team wisdom, target for sustainable development and shareholders' value creation, and build a world- class investment management platform.